There are no specific guidelines for how a Diana's Angels group should be organized. The Diana’s Angels Project materials are flexible and can be tailored to the specific needs of each group and community. The following are a few suggestions which you might find helpful in starting a local group:

  1. Organizing: One of the most important things for every group is to have a reliable person at the hospital or funeral home who will be consistent in notifying you when clothing has angelbeen used and needs replacing. The hospital chaplain, an auxiliary volunteer, or nurse are possible people who might fill this role.
  2. Sewing the garments: It is probably a good idea to make copies of your patterns by tracing them onto a durable material which will allow for repeated use. One possible option is the interfacing used by quilters which has a grid printed on it. When choosing fabric, we urge groups to use pastel colors and soft material as these are more appropriate for the occasion. We recommend avoiding children’s “fun prints”. Using fabrics which do not wrinkle easily is best as things may be stored for a time. These garments have been specially designed to be used for infant burial clothing and are not appropriate for any other use. Some groups have been able to obtain men’s shirt boxes for packaging the baby garments. These can be hard to find and expensive if a group has to purchase them, but sometimes a merchant will donate the boxes. Other groups have used simple plastic Ziploc bags. Each group will need to decide what works best for them to cut, sew, package and deliver the garments. There are groups who gather once or twice a month and work together. Some have several people who cut things out and then others take the cut out things home to sew. In the St. John group, we met together for several “work” days to sew the first supply of garments for the hospitals. After that, the ladies would choose one outfit (such as the kimono gowns) and this is what they regularly sewed. These garments were then given to the coordinator who packaged and labeled them before delivery to the various hospitals.
  3. Getting support: If you are a church group, it may be helpful to place your sewn garments on display one Sunday so your congregation can see what you are doing and become involved in helping support your work.
  4. More Information: It is very important that the clothing be provided free to hospitals, funeral homes and families as this is what the Diana’s Angels Project is intended for.

Additional helpful information is included on a CD which can be obtained by contacting us (see link below). The CD includes samples of the Diana’s Angels Project brochures, gift cards for parents, and other items we have created for use in the charter group. Hopefully these will be of help to you. It is our prayer that God will bless your work and bring comfort to many families through your sewing.

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We'd love to hear from people and groups who have been involved the Diana's Angels Project ministry around the country. If you have stories to share, questions or would like more information about Diana's Angels Project, please connect with Patricia.

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